CBD/ THC in Marijuana—Going on a High


The two main ingredients in a marijuana plant is CBD ( cannabidiol) and THC ( Tetra hydrocannabinol) and they both belong to a unique group of compounds. There are many strains of marijuana having high strains of and THC. The medical community has suddenly taken more interest in CBD rather than on THC. There is a difference between these two compounds.

The High The best psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is THC. That means CBD is non psychoactive and so will not get you high. The use of CBD is more in medicine and that is the unique feature of it and that is why it is used more to treat young children having different ailments.

gettyimages-109913286Anxiety is caused among people who take THC. However CBD seems to cause the reverse effect meaning that it counteracts the anxiety when THC is ingested.

Antipsychotic: Besides being non psychoactive CBD is also found to have Antipsychotic properties. It has been proved that CBD can protect users of marijuana from going on a high. It is now known that is not necessary combine the both of CBD and THC. It is now being tested on patients of schizophrenia and how effective is CBD is.

Sleep:  marijuana is being most commonly as a sleep aid and in this THC is found to be the main compound responsible for it. On the other hand it is found that CBD seems to work again in the reverse. Thus it can be seen that both CBD and THC have the opposite effect on sleep and that is why some strains of cannabis have a drowsy effect while some have the opposite of boosting one’s energy.

MR3Can one overdose on Marijuana? Research has shown that marijuana users are not at risk of death due to overdose. The conclusion came after finding that the toxicity of marijuana and its various constituents showed that the best psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is THC. It is only responsible for getting one on a high but it is found that marijuana is non toxic. Even after ingesting too much marijuana will not cause death or permanent disability . This phenomenon is called greening out. The symptoms could be feeling of paranoia and fear, increased heart rate with nauseas and vomiting, hallucination and uncontrollable shaking of the body. However greening out is just a temporary phase and one can get back to normal after a few hours.

Does marijuana cause brain damage? Many people do believe that marijuana kills the brain cells and eventually causes brain damage. Recent research however shows different results regarding marijuana causing brain damage. It was found that even a regular user of marijuana showed no side effects at all thus killing the idea that the brain cells get affected with marijuana. However those who still believed that marijuana caused killing of the brain cells found that those who began on marijuana at an early age, as early as seventeen showed noticeable changes in brain matter volume. Also a drop in IQ was also noticed as the teenagers matured.


CBD/ THC in Marijuana—Going on a High